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GODS-07 Surrender Legend 7 Cosplayder

As written on her grandfathers will, Cosprader steals the Seven Treasures to open the Lid to Hell. Akechi, a professional guard, adheres to capture Cosprader. He sets traps everywhere in the museum to capture the little rat. Cosprader sneaks into the museum but falls to Akechi’s electrifying trap. The director of the museum electrifies and uses sleeping gas on her. He harasses her by sniffing her feet and using disinfection oil on her. But the director and the guard fail to cooperate, and Cosprader escapes the situation. Later, she enters an estate to steal the last treasure. But Akechi’s new invention, the Eye Guard, blinds her. While she she is blinded, Akechi shocks her with the stun gun! Then the owner of the treasure shows himself and disgraces her in front of a camera... The video is broadcasted all over the world, and Cosprader’s true identity is spread to everyone. [BAD END]

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