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ZEOD-42 Special Unit Bionic Force 2017

Tsurugi four sisters, Kaho, Fuka, Mitsuki, and Mina are attacked by a monster of Evil Dragon Family that plot destroy humans. They are mechanized their body, the first and second daughter Kaho and Fuka is their whole body, the third daughter Mitsuki is her arms, and the fourth daughter Mina is both legs, to battle with the Evil Dragon Family as Cyborg Fighter Bionic Force. Meanwhile, Mina accidentally sees her best friend Maki who were missing, and chases her. Maki confesses her distorted love mind to Mina and that she is a princess of Evil Dragon Family. Maki and her subordinates Raia, Jyuka, and Nene attack Mina. Mina can’t fight with Maki with full power. Mina is defeated and tortured violently.

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