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ZEOD-35 Heroine Pinch Omnibus 18 Planet Protect Force Charge Five

Maxim and Three Faces Monster Alba, female cadre of the Evil Secret Society Valuma, make a plan to defeat Charge mermaid, the only girl member of Charge Five. The plan is that they interrupt Charge Mermaid’s transformation by sending a jamming signal and torture her thoroughly. It is just a beginning of her evil scheme. Maxim sends a betrayer to the headquarters of Charge Five to remotely control Charge Mermaid’s transformation suit. Charge Mermaid completely transforms but her suit defense shield is released. She is beaten up in her human condition. Besides Alba has a more vicious secret plan. It is a dirty one that Alba tries to brainwash Charge Mermaid by being infected her Mermaid Suit with Dark Virus which Valuma developed. Is Charge Mermaid going to fall to the evil?  

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