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ZEOD-16 Sexual Dynamite Heroine 20 Evil Dress Temptation

Holy Rouge and Holy Perfume have battled with an evil witch Dark Queen. Dark Queen exists as an only mental without physical body so she tries to deprive Reika Himeno’s body (She is a captain of Holy Rouge and Holy Perfume) but she knows that Holy Rouge loves Reika on the way to get Reika’s body and Dark Queen plots a new strategy. Dark Queen get Reika’s body and is beaten by Holy Perfume purposely and leaves cloth charged grudge. Holy Rouge wears the cloth with no idea without knowing the cloth has Dark Queen’s grudge. Dark Queen succeeds to get Holy Rouge’s body. Dark Queen attacks Holy Perfume with the strongest Rouge’s body. Holy Perfume can’t resist her attack because she loves Holy Perfume secretly. Dark Queen restrain Holy Perfume to torture her body and soul. What is happen to Holy Perfume next?

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