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ZEOD-11 Sexual Dynamite Heroine 18 Sailor Ninja

Sailor Ninja Aoi and Miya has battled with evil Ninjya Party Kyoma. One day Kyoma family is defeated by Female Vampire Camyura. Then Camyura plans to control Sailor Ninja. She orders head of Kyoma to be caught Aoi and Miya in the trap. Camyura sucks Miya’s blood and make her servant. She also sucks Aoi’s blood but Aoi doesn’t become Vampire. Camyura orders Miya to kill Aoi but Miya sets Aoi free because Miya still has a slight of reason. Aoi sneaks into the base of Kyoma family again. However, Camyura was waiting her with evil plots. Can Aoi beat Camyura and rescue Miya?

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