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ZEOD-01 Sexual Dynamite Heroine 12 Bird Soldier

The five courageous soldiers of Bird Soldiers fight against Gaister, who plan to destroy Earth. The leader of the Bird Soldier, Professor Namba, flies to Brazil to attend a World Peace Conference with Red, Black, and Yellow. Bird White (Kasumi Shiratori) and Bird Blue (Natsuki Kaien) must stay at the base. Belcschlange uses this chance to attack Bird White, who made a scar on her face, instead of attacking the World Peace Conference. White shows up to save Blue, who was getting attacked by the Spider Gaister. But Octopus Gaister sucks all of her energy out and her transformation dispels! Although White succeeds on escaping from them, she cannot get out of the area because of a barrier. The beautiful fighter is captured and tortured by Belcschlange and her monsters. For two days and two nights, the heroine is tortured but she does not speak the secrets of the Bird Soldiers. Just when she was about to pass away, Blue comes and saves White. But can the two girls defeat Belcschlange and her monsters!?

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