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THP-71 Super Heroine in Grave Danger Vol.71 -Charge Mermaid

Charge Mermaid takes charge of the planning strategy and weapon development in Charge Man. Mahames, queen of the Evil Star Clusters Gulma, comes to the Earth. Mahames suddenly attacks Charge Mermaid/Asuka Shiranami with her faithful bodyguards. Mahames’ fighting ability is much stronger than other monsters that Charge Mermaid has battled. Her charge suit approaches the limit and she is captured and tortured by Mahames. However, Charge Mermaid never confess the secret about her Charge suit. Garurage, sub-leader of Gulma, tortures and disgraces Charge Mermaid’s beautiful body. Is Charge Mermaid able to escape from the crisis? [HAPPY END]

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