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TGGP-93 Beautiful Mask Aurora & Fontaine

When Beautiful Mask Aurora is in crisis, Fontaine comes to rescue her. Aurora and Fontaine fight together to defeat monsters. However, stallion genie’s gigantic dick goes on a rampage to surrender them. Genie’s grotesque gigantic dick squeezes Aurora and Fontaine’s holy power. They are driven into the corner. Aurora and Fontaine are crucified on the cross which is displayed to execute them. They are disgraced by stallion genie and then immediately lose their consciousness. Every time the genie shakes his waist, Aurora and Fontaine wake up and feel suffer from continuous orgasm. They are tortured and brainwashed by monsters. Their moaning noise sounding like a melody for execution over the monsters world where witch dominates. What is going to happen to Aurora and Fontaine? [BAD END]


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