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TGGP-71 Heroine Surrender Miss Grace VS Miss Grace

Battle Future F get the information the activity of the underground organization, Delos and search them. Arisa Hibiki (Miss Grace), the only girl of the Battle Future, sneaks into secret base of Delos by herself. But she is captured by monster general Gelder and is tortured. Miss Grace doesn’t obey Delos, so Delos try to brainwash her. On the other hand, Leia Miyabi is appointed to the second Miss Grace at the base of Battle Future. Leia knows that Arisa Hibiki is alive. And Leia leaves for the secret base of Delos sorely. There, Arisa Hibiki is waiting for Leia. The first Miss Grace and the second Miss Grace meet each other for the first time. However brainwashed Arisa attacks Leia with monster. Arisa and Leia transform separately. Leia transforms into the second Miss Grace but Arisa transforms into the “Black” Grace. Leia hesitates to attack Arisa and driven into a corner gradually. Delos tries to hit Leia’s sexual weak point. Then, the first Miss Grace and Delos start to assault Leia together…[BAD END]


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