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TGGP-62 Heroine's Pregnancy - Execution by Stomach Punching

Shiori Aizawa… she is Ruby Knight! A journalist follows around to unmask Ruby Knight. That is when a thug appears. Then Shiori transforms into Ruby Knight to get rid of the thug. But an accident happens. Ruby Knight is hurt during the battle… While she is feeling blue, a fellow worker talks to her. Katayama suggests forgetting all the troubles in her life by drinking. Although she declines the offer of drinking in the office, she accepts his offer because of his kind words. Shiori soon loses consciousness because she is a non-drinker. And the fellow worker… Shiori regrets the actions she took last night… Two months later, she finds out that she is pregnant. Shiori decides to give birth to a child and imagines the marriage with Katayama. Katayama finds out about her pregnancy and… Katayama was actually already engaged with a different woman, and she did not feel good about Shiori’s pregnancy. Later, he finds out that Shiori is Ruby Knight and plots a way to get rid of her. Ruby Knight falls into a trap by Katayama and gets her stomach punched by the monster. She bears the pain and escapes from the battle… Shiori feels relieved since the baby was safe. Katayama is happy because he believes the monster got rid of the baby. But finds out the truth and creates a different plan… [BAD END]

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