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TGGP-46 American Comic Heroine White Eye Suppression

Rune is a second-generation Galaxy sheriff newly stationed at the Earth to hunt down harmful space beasts. She is better known among humans as Super▼Woman, messenger of justice protecting the Earth, and keeping it a safe and peaceful place! She is concerned about the report about【Tempel】, an intergalactic gang making shady moves, and rumor says they are planning to invade the Earth. Tonight again, Super▼Woman beats up criminals of the street, rescuing a female worker from them. But what the rescued hostage possesses is a rock of ore Falconium, natural weakness of residents of Planet 【 Foster 】including Super▼Woman! Super▼Woman somehow manages to stay awake, but is confronted by huge fighters called Three Brothers of Shurahat, as well as a woman named Ares, commander-in-charge of Tempel’s Earth Invasion Army. Holding a piece of Falconium, the Tempel members slowly corner Super▼Woman, performing a series of domination attacks that weaken the superheroine’s body. Finally Super▼Woman is made to swallow Falconium, which poisons her body from inside little by little. Not only that; a vibrator covered with Falconium liquid is thrust into the vagina! With little power left within her body, she is brought to 【Gulbear Square】, a galaxy pub. What she finds there is a towering Infinite Gravity Wall!! The huge wall is poised to fall onto the body of Super▼Woman! Now what will you do, Super▼Woman !? [BAD END]

TGGP-46 01 TGGP-46 02

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