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TGGP-35 【G1】American Comic Heroine Real Bontage

On Planet Arachne, where spiders have evolved into highly intellectual creatures, a crazy and sadistic woman goes on a massive killing spree. The horrible massacre is committed by Naia, who manages to give chasing police a slip and flees the planet. She eventually travels to Earth, a peaceful blue planet that becomes a battlefield for Naia and Shannon chasing her...! As the girls’ battle begins, Naia, with a help from her faithful pet Bibi, an evolved type of wild boar, slowly corners Shannon. Using ‘Human Serum,’ fluids extracted from the bodies of the humans she captured, Naia leads her to the ultimate stage of evolution.... Naia releases ‘Gossamers,’ threads that are incredibly strong and flexible, and her Gossamers, strings and straw ropes entangle her body, relentlessly torturing Shannon! Shannon cannot move a muscle with her legs forced open like an M, and Naia shoves her huge tail into Shannon’s crotch...! Shannon, drugged with a love potion, gets lost in a lesbian daydream. Bibi the pig disgraces her and cums inside her, and Shannon gets dizzy and faints.... She wakes up to find that she is hung upside down with her hands tied up behind her back. She is made to reach orgasm with her face covered with tons of her own gushing cum. Also, she gets nose-hooked in disgrace play.... This is the most authentic and hardest bondage session in GIGA history! Can Shannon survive the most hardcore bondage that lives up to name of the film...!? [BAD END]

TGGP-35 01 TGGP-35 02 TGGP-35 03

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