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TGGP-32 【G1】Masked Space Girl Sharumare

A girls’ school student, Mia Osaki (means a splendid beauty on a big cape) has the genius found out by the Tess-Miller Star’s alien named Xenol and has been given the capability to transform herself into the Schallmarle, but the Tess-Miller Star’s vicious alien named Wahoog, who plots to conquer the earth, takes aim at her, so that reluctantly she is changed into a doll and now is hiding herself from prying eyes. Picked up by an ordinary employee Reiji (means a serene guy), Mia of the doll object is treated nicely in his room and is passing every day while seeing Reiji’s gentleness and weakness. One day, the doll Mia knows by news on TV that a mysterious flying object is trying to take contact with the whole world. Intuitively, Mia realizes that the alien of the old days has attacked, but she cannot do anything while being the doll. However, while Reiji is away, Xenol appears and tells her that time has come to become a fighter again and to protect the earth, and then Xenol unlocks the state of the doll object. Such time, Reiji is abducted by the alien’s advance guards. Therefore, using a special compact, she transforms herself into the masked lovely girl, the Schallmarle and goes to the enemy’s place in order to rescue Reiji. Though the Schallmarle beats the advance guards and tries to rescue Reiji, the alarm of the transformation time-limit sounds in only one step away. Actually, the Schallmarle in the transformation state can only have 10 minutes limitation to fight on the earth! Under approach of the compulsive transformation release time, the Schallmarle temporarily retreats by a car of Xenol who has been watching. Later on, the Schallmarle ventures into the hiding place of the enemy, but she encounters the formidable enemy Wahoog and unimaginable trap of the Tess-Miller Star’s alien... Well, is it possible for the masked lovely girl, the Schallmarle, who has once been accepted by the space righteousness, to protect the earth from the alien’s invasion!? And can she rescue the tender-hearted earth person, Reiji?... [BAD END]

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