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TGGP-29 【G1】New Beautiful Brave Woman - Vehement Mask

The Satan Academy is known for its rigorous Spartan education where there is no lack of students’ cries and screams... To the fearful Academy comes a savior! With her face covered behind a mask, while her body is not hidden, she is Vehement Mask, the beautiful and the brave. She wields nunchaks to beat the vicious teachers. The Academy Master Satan has developed a robot teacher, Iron Man No. 28, to reveal the identity of Vehement Mask. He sets the robot on to torture Hotaru Natsuki, a girlie teacher, suspecting she is Vehement Mask. Then, Vehement Mask emerges to help Teacher Natsuki! But, Vehement Mask is beat by Iron Man No. 28. A public punishment takes place in the academy yard by Academy Master Satan to torture Vehement Mask to reveal her identity. At the last minute, another Vehement Mask appears! The Mask beats down vicious teachers and Iron Man No. 28 to shed a ray of hope to the Academy. At the next moment, however, Academy Master Satan uses a mean ploy unimaginable for an educator to capture her. Academy Master Satan hates so much from his guts the two glamorous, pretty Heroines, naked yet wearing masks, that he puts them to a public viewing of sex education by screwing the two, making them cum time and again and subjecting Vehement Mask of justice to complete misery. With their red masks torn in pieces, soiled and gripping with sweat, their identity is now put to light. Maddening shrieks of final defeat sound across the Academy and echo into eternity... [Bad ending]

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