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TGGP-19 【G1】Superheroine Demolish Super-insult - Charge Mermaid Full Version

Nanami Aoi (means blue seven seas) is a member of the Charge-V which is a righteous fighting unit to protect the earth, and as the Charge-Mermaid, day and night she has kept fighting against members of the Gajurma known as the Galaxy-Big-Invading-Army. One day Nanami encounters her foe’s army corps led by a space monster named Gicade so that she starts to fight as usual. However, when she is about to transform herself into the Charge-Mermaid, the Space monster Gicade takes out a small mechanism and generates so-called the Gaia-Force-Interception-Barrier. Nanami cannot charge the Gaia-Force and falls into a state that she cannot transform herself, but she is not panicked. Since she was attacked by foes when she was in the same state, she employed the experience at the most and developed a new weapon equipment called the Gaia-Force-Supercharger. She transforms herself and beats up the foe. After Nanami returns to the base and reports the battle to her commander, she takes a break in the nap room until other members return. Then, Nanami has dream. In the dream a person of the first mermaid appears and says, ”You must not lose. Against this fearful hell...” On the other hand, the Gajurma’s cadre person Garuke gets angry with frequent disturbance of the Charge-V against their invasion to the earth, and is looking for the method of the upgrade. There appears Queen Mahamess, teaches how to get the source of higher power ”The Mermaid’s Drops” to Garuke―then, essence in the moral world which gets across to all the past mermaids is gradually clarified by the foe’s brainwash and the like after the righteous heroine is captured―the Charge-Mermaid somehow bears the foe’s brainwash at first but cannot escape from the spell from the ancient times. And what is a secret of ”The Mermaid’s Drops”!?... Now the greatest pinch in this century encounters the righteous heroine, the Charge-Mermaid!! [BAD END]

TGGP-19 01

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