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TGGP-15 Online Heroine Public Execution - Iron Lady

Iron Lady, a cosmic investigator, nabs the criminal red handed in a deadly combat, in the smuggling of a prohibited cosmic animal. But, the transaction has been plotted by Congressman Murai, a presidential candidate for the next term. Iron Lady, secretly backing Congressman Murai, an advocate of free cosmic trade that weighs heavily on the future of the Earth, lets him go with just a warning. But, Murai gets kidnapped by the cosmic arms merchant Scull Head. Baron Bone, the chief of Scull Head, was once arrested by Iron Lady and sent to the cosmic penitentiary where he had to endure hellish agony. He wants to revenge and contrives a public execution on the net for Iron Lady. It is an ultimate punishment for her, after subjecting her to public screwing. With Congressman Murai taken as hostage, Iron Lady is resigned to accept the execution in order for the cosmic free trade to materialize. Alas, a disgraceful revenge that defies all imagination awaits her. The irony is that the execution depends on the number of accesses to the Internet! Justice on the Earth is now being tried...

TGGP-15 ENG 01

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