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TBW-10 Heroine Brainwash Vol.10 - Sailor Prism

Sailor Wizard and Sailor Priest are Sailor warriors fighting evil together, but Wizard secretly wants something more than just a friendship with Priest, princess of the Sailor warriors. During a combat with the girls, Dark Lord’s vice commander Chaos discovers the secret of Wizard, a very strong fighter among the Sailor warriors, and he plans to use it to brainwash her. Chaos disguises a humanoid monster as Sailor Priest and sets a trap for Sailor Wizard using the fake Priest as bait. The plan works and Sailor Wizard is captured. Then the fake Priest, who gets horny, starts groping and humiliating Wizard’s body. A proud warrior Wizard, who normally tolerates no surrender, cannot resist it because of her secret love for Priest, and her body and mind collapse. Real Priest arrives to her rescue, but Wizard, terribly confused, attacks her seeking further pleasures! Sailor Priest realizes Wizard is completely brainwashed, but it is too late and Priest is in great danger. Sailor Priest is beaten up by Wizard using special moves, and is brainwashed and disgraced by Chaos. Wizard helps Chaos, and enjoys watching the face of Priest while she gets humiliated. When Priest’s brainwashing is completed, the two Sailor warriors become fighters of the demonic world and kill Tuxedo Mask. They are now a pair of horny bitches wanting more sex, sticking out their arses to get a monsters’ meat stick.... And the girls kneel to the Dark Lord and vow to defeat other Sailor Warriors! [BAD END]

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