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RYOJ-08 Heroine Surrender Vol.108 Galaxy Investigator Ami

Galaxy Investigator Shester and her partner Ami fight with Hubilai Empire to protect the Earth. Priest Barl who destroyed Ami’s home planet goes to the battle field. Barl cleverly provokes Ami and tries to change her into prostitute like her countrywomen. Monster NupuNupu, a servant dealer, disguised Barl and he gives the drug which emphases sensitivity ten times to Ami. NupuNupu tortures Ami and transfer its scene to Shester beyond the space. Shester feels great anger and destroy NupuNupu beyond the space. However, comatose Ami is captured by Barl again. What is going to happen to Ami? Is she able to revenge her hometown? This is the biggest pinch of Galaxy Investigator!! [BAD END]

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