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GIGP-04 Evil Female Cadre Wizabell

Superhero Martial Red fights with evils. A beautiful girl fighter Tales Promethea also fights. Wizabell, a female cadre of Darkness Empire “Farah Way” stands in their way. Wizabell starts severe training for her miserable subordinates but it is only her frustration. Combatants are slapped on their face and tortured their dicks. They are also lapped on their face and masturbated by her hands. Her face brightened up with happiness. The female cadre targets Super heroes to seek pleasure. Martial Red is injured his pride by criticizing about his high-cut underwear. Wizabell toys his erected dick and masturbates herself. Tales Promethea is relentlessly slapped and she gradually loses her consciousness by choking on her neck. Her pussy is teared by artificial dick and bomb is set on Martial Red’s waist. Time Counter ticks exactly. What is going to happen to two superheroes? [DEAD END]

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