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GIGP-03 Cosplayder -Ideal Soldier Justine

The legendary Messiah Cosplayder/Mirai Saotome fights with evils with battle suit “Nano Suit” which makes you to change costumes freely. She also sends a message “Love and Free” to people in Orgus as a TV personality. One day, she acts an opponent role of the propaganda broadcast program “Justine” and Cosplayder grabs the interest of suppressed people and she becomes an idol of Orgus. Mirai tries to act the latest work of “Justine” but it is very severe for her. Its story is that “Boy Marco practices the terrorist bombing to save his father who are a resistance member. Mirai sacrifices herself for saving Marco and is captured in Orgus prison. However, the place is controlled by boy prison guards. Daigo who has an enormous dick severely questions in there. Mirai is checked whole body and…” However, when the filming is started, prison guards checks private parts of Mirai. It was a trap of Justine. Mirai is caught in their trap and disgraces herself in the nationwide broadcast program. Is Mirai able to change scenario to lead Resistance to victory!? [BAD END]

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