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GHOR-82 Beautiful Witch Girl Fontaine Suffocation Torture

Teacher Morooka is banished from his school because of false accusation. He has a grudge for society and school where let him ruin. His only desire is to meet Beautiful Witch Girl Fontaine. Diavil deceives Morooka to utilize his negative aura for killing Fontaine. Diavil increases Morooka’s negative aura with evil magic to draw Fontaine into his dream. There, an overwhelming disadvantageous battle for Fontaine starts. In Morooka’s dream he can realize any his desire. Fontaine doesn’t notice it and she is gradually hounded by Diavil. Is Fontaine able to beat Diavil and escape from the dream world? [BAD END]

GHOR-82 01
GHOR-82 02

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