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GHOR-57 Aqua Girl

Super Heroine Aqua Girl appeared with tight swimming suit. She came from the miracle aqua planet Atlantis to the Earth and named Marin Mizuki. On the Earth, People from the planet Atlantis becomes a superhuman through the influence of anti-hydrogen molecules. She has used her power to keep peace of the Earth which is her second home planet. Her severe fight is begun. Space Mafia, Hell Lizard comes to the Earth to get Crystal Water, source of Aqua Girl’s life. If Crystal Water is robbed by evils, peace of the space will be lost. Aqua Girl has battled with evils desperately. Hell Lizard finds a secret hideout of Aqua Girl with dirty way. “Crystal Water must be there.” Hell Lizard snakes into the base of Aqua Girl to kill her. Aqua Girl is forced to urinate because she is stimulated her weak point urethra by thin tentacles when she is off her guard during their battle. Her pee which includes Crystal Water makes the opponent more stronger. Hell Lizard creeps to the Aqua Girl‘s base while their Deadly combat. Aqua Girl is changed her condition to fear the water even it is her life source. She is disgraced and internally ejaculated with drowning into the water… [BAD END]


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