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GHOR-55 Ghost Hunter Yui

Yui is an oracle of Tokuashi Shrine. She used to a female monster but an Onmyoji Tokumaro, Shinto priest of Tokuashi Shrine sealed her evil power and she works as an oracle now. When ghosts and monsters appear from hell, she transforms into Ghost Hunter and battles with them. One day Yui lectures to students about local legend Tsuchigumo. Suddenly their home room teacher Miyako Otohane appears and punish students. It happen to break the stone monument which seals evil power of Tsuchigumo. Unsealed ghost possesses Otohane and let her attack Yui. Tsuchigumo monster starts lesbian play with surrendered torture to Yui for settle an old score of several hundred years ago. What will happen to Yui next? [BAD END]

GHOR-55 01

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