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GHOR-40 Combatant Sadistic Heroine Surrender -Lightning Force Buddy Pink-

Yu Kosaka (Buddy Pink) is an only female member of Lightning Force Buddy Five. She is beautiful and has highly sense of justice. Her battle ability is strong, so she can get rid of combatants of evil organization “Duros” without transform. She always tries to beat combatants of Duros, but today a combatant accidentally grab her lower half of the body when he gets Yu’s attack. She isn’t able to move from combatant’s sudden act and she feels shame. A cadre and combatants notice that she is weak for sexual attack. Yu tries to transform to defense their attack, but her transformation becomes imperfect because armor system “core” needs strong mental. Yu is violently tortured by Duros due to her skimpy costume. Yu was saved by another member of Lightning Force but she can’t transform yet. She remember desolate and desire feelings just after Duros’s men finished their torture. She leads to the “answer” from it. Yu goes to Duros’s base solely…[BAD END]


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